ArtSpeak Creative Community
ArtSpeak Creative Community

Welcome to ArtSpeak Creative Community

A community of mission-minded creatives restoring their health & rediscovering creative purpose

The ArtSpeak Creative Community is all about empowering the health and effectiveness of mission-minded creatives.

Our community brings church creatives together for collaboration, encouragement, resourcing, and community to restore health and rediscover creative purpose.

You’re driven to create. And that is good. Very good. In fact, it’s the story from the beginning of creation.

“In the beginning, God created … “

The desire to create has been humanity’s story from the beginning.

And our Creator has invited us to help him finish that story.

God’s grand narrative still resounds today through his Word, assembled by ancient prophets, artists, and storytellers. This saga of hope and redemption has inspired some of us to dedicate our entire careers to its message as ministers.

But for many church creatives like us, carrying this ancient message forward has come at a cost.

While our work is leveraged in service of God’s story, our health and effectiveness are often neglected:

Last-minute requests. Unhealthy boundaries. Under-appreciation. Distrust. Burnout.

Does this sound like your story?

Has the stress of church work left you feeling exhausted, ineffective, and disillusioned?

If so, you are not alone.

We were church creatives who struggled to find that healthy balance between our work and our role in God’s eternal story. Our love for the work, the ministry, and even the Church was at risk.

But all of that changed when we found each other.

We are building a community of creatives who empower healthy creativity, encouraging and resourcing our growth as both artists and children of the Creator.

Together, we’re learning how to help God tell his story with renewed passion and purpose.

And we want the same for you!

In our community, you'll collaborate with other church creatives to hone your skills.

You’ll learn how to build the healthy rhythms and habits needed for meaningful creative work.

But you’ll also be reminded that your best work starts with your best you, that you can change lives without destroying your own.

The Church needs gospel communicators like you to help reach people in creative, new ways.

It’s still possible to restore your health and rediscover your creative purpose with the ArtSpeak Creative Community.

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